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Based on the information that you provide to us, we prepare a Loan Package / Executive Summary
for submission to various lenders / lender types - selected based on your particluar financing needs. 

The intended purpose of the Loan Package is to provide lenders with ALL of the information
needed to quickly evaluate the request; enabling them to provide you with accurate
 loan quotes for your consideration.

Please click  sample Loan Package  to view this in PDF format.
This is an example only, and does not necessarily reflect current market pricing, etc.

You may also wish to view the various 
Application Forms  suitable for different type properties; and 
a sample 
Quotation  ( Letter of Interest ) - example of a typical commercial mortgage loan quote.

We are serious about structuring the best loan for you, and in providing you with accurate quotes.

Obviously, the specific rate and terms you receive will depend upon your particular circumstances.
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